15 Haziran 2009 Pazartesi

ol böyt mey

First surgery : nose
First piercing : labret
First sport you joined : swimming club
First pet : a dog
First crush : a girl from kindergarden

Your ex and You: were different people from each other.
I am listening to: the sound of elevator
Maybe I should: do the same(maybe I should do the same)hahahahhahahahahah
My best friend(s): is an imaginary one.
I have lost my respect for: religions
The meaning of my display name is: my name?probably?
I will always be: a dummass kid
Love seems to: be something like this.
I wish: I were a fish

Have Any Pets: used to have many but not now
Have Any Children: none,but ı want one it would be fun
Smoke: yes
Drink: yes
Exercise: nope(great i feel like shet now)
Spend Your Life On Facebook: it sounds like a nightmare
Play On A Sports Team: nope
Like To Cook: if it is something delicious,yep
Sing: only when im alone
Dance: only when im drunk
Speak Multiple Languages: english and a little german
Ice Skate: is something i miss
Swim: is something I am craving for.
Paint: is my passion
Write: is something fun to do
Juggle: no idea

What were you doing at midnight last night: playing sims 3 and eating
Name something you CANNOT wait for: the future
Have you ever talked to a person named Tom: nope
What are you listening to right now: outside voices
What is one thing you wish you could change about your life: its hard to choose one.
Last time you saw your father : about 6 months ago
Most visited webpage: my blog

Hair Color: black,kinda brownish

Eye Color: brown

Height: 1.70

Profession: languages,probably?

Relationship Status: taken betches.

Religious Views: something including a god.

Favorite Color: kelly green,or irish green.

Favorite Car: mini cooper and land rover

Favorite Movie: the little mermaid

Favorite Hobby: drawing,taking pictures maybeh

Favorite Song/Singer: right now it is "fuck you" by lily allen

Favorite Book/Author: stephen king probably

Favorite School Subject: speaking

Favorite Food: peanut butter

Favorite Restaurant: arby's

Favorite Animal: dogs

Favorite Store: zara

Favorite Celebrity : none

Favorite Childhood Memory: the ones between the ages of 6-8

Stolen Anything: many things lol

Been Drunk Before Noon: a couple of times

Had Sex In A Public Place: almost

Been Arrested: thank god no.

Cheated On A Test: thousands of times

Cheated In A Relationship: never

Failed A Class: never

Eaten Food Off The Floor: yep

Stuck Gum Under A Desk: yep

Wished You Were Someone Else: nope

Describe Yourself In One Word: kid

Biggest Fear: being like my dad

Biggest Mistake: choosing the wrong highschool

#1 Priority In Your Life: me

Dream Job: illustrator

Special Talents: drawing maybe

Where are you right now: on my bed

Where Would You Rather Be: on her bed

Place To Visit Before You Die: tokio

Song Played At Your Funeral: barbie girl