3 Ekim 2012 Çarşamba

See here's what I believe or something I have learned in college Im not sure;
You build a new identity with every single language you pick up and that new identity which comes with the new language is utterly different from the one  you already have. For me, my English identity is much comfier with using words, talking to people and  saying what's on his mind. He can just go ahead and say hi to a girl and ask if we could spend some time together.
Im not sure about the other one though. That one is more of a moody type. That one thinks writting is lame, talking is useless. He's more of a person who enjoys picture pages in a book rather than the pages of words. And sadly, older you get, you see less pictures in books and  afterall you have to admit the fact adult books does not contain picture pages.