26 Mayıs 2015 Salı

For about ten years now, or maybe even more, I have  been programmed to set my alarm about an hour earlier just to make sure I got another hour to sleep and feel happy about it.
Life has its ridiculously weird ways to show you the  most stupid and yet comforting ways to simply enjoy little moments.
It's a pity those moments are pretty hard to discover all the time.
And most of the time you just find it easier to think of yourself as a man trying to climb the mount Everest on flip flops and just keep feeling sorry for yourself until you eventually get bored of that gloomy feeling and decide setting your alarm two hours earlier this time.
Hopelessly hoping that it should double that so called euphoria.

It's a cycle,
It will pass.
Then again, it's a cycle,
It'll come back.