26 Kasım 2012 Pazartesi

I love your mess

You call it coincidence I call it nothing but whenever I watch a movie that impresses me to a freaking  great extent,those times happen to be just before I feel too weird about myself that I should pick a random movie to watch just to clear my head.
and then bam! I choose the greatest movie just randomly! not by a trailer but maybe a friend suggest.
and just afterwards I try to find something in it that I believe It could change the way I see things. It might be just a simple sentence, or a character or a place. anything.
This time it is a book that I have  heard of but never really know what it is exactly about. I do not want to find out what it's about to be honest. not until I start reading and discovering it myself.
I just wanna click on the button that says "buy it now", pay for it, wait for it to arrive and hopefully feel extraordinary when I read it.
Usually it never works.
Not this time I hope.